What is Breathwork?

Pranayama Breathwork is active meditation and conscious control of your breath which encourages stuck energy (emotions) to move and creates the opportunity for powerful healing to occur. This simple, yet effective technique, restores balance to your body, mind and soul, relieves stress, and helps to activate the subconscious mind. Activating your subconscious in this safe, effective manner is what allows true change to occur in your life by transforming limiting thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Breathwork Session

Join a breathwork session.


During the process, the repetitive breath helps to neutralize your thoughts, draw more oxygen into the body and stimulate your hypothalamus gland as well as other centers/organs around the body. As the session progresses, the mind, body and ego melt away, and you’re able to engage with yourself on a much deeper, more intrinsic level than you’re used to.

A Breathwork session are done online through zoom.


Coaching: Who do I help?

I am a transformational, creative and relationship coach. I help people who feel unfulfilled and frustrated with their lives to get unstuck and find true fulfillment in their careers and relationships.

Through 1-1 coaching and workshops, I teach people the tools to reduce stress, restore their sense of self-respect and purpose and create lives that they truly respect and love. I work with committed individuals to help them stop numbing out, staying safe and playing small, get clear about what they truly want out of life, and bravely go after it.

I help my clients accept the present moment fully so that they can stop resisting reality and start creating the world they want to see. I’m here to empower individuals to live healthy, abundant, meaningful lives rich with playfulness, creativity, positive impact and fulfilling relationships. I believe that with enough self-awareness of our own patterns and with the knowledge of how to overcome internal blockages, anything is possible for someone who is committed to doing the work.

About Scott

I’ve used Breathwork to move through many challenges in my life. My first experience with Breathwork allowed me to heal a 20-year old wound by reconnecting and repairing a shattered relationship. The loss of this relationship caused feelings of guilt and judgement. This work allowed me to finally understand and release these feelings, forgive myself, start to mend the relationship and become more whole. This first experience has done more for me than I ever could have imagined.

I regularly use the breath to allow myself to feel more deeply and to release the stresses of everyday life. It’s a tool to help us examine the feelings we’re not able to express through words. Along with regular mediation and other practices, it has become an incredibly valuable tool to break through the hidden patterns (shortcuts) the mind sets up in attempt to keep us safe, but may no longer be serving us.

Pranayama Breathwork Services